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Working with a designer:
     The design process
Are You Enjoying Your Garden?

Do you like what you see when you drive up to your house? Are there spaces to relax and feel comfortable outdoors? Do you entertain friends and family there? Can your children play in the safety of their own back yard?

Or is your property a disappointment, like many gardens in Marin that were put in 20, 30, even 50 years ago: their designs are outdated, their structures are crumbling, and the plants are overgrown or declining.

The garden can be your favorite place
Here in Marin, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy California’s famed indoor/outdoor life. Our gardens can be the place to read and relax, as well as share food and festivity. A well-designed garden functions like a favorite room providing enjoyment now while increasing your home’s value.

Garden problems sometimes seem overwhelming.
When your property has multiple problems, even beginning to work on improvements seems daunting. Where do you start? Who do you call? How do you find the time to coordinate the whole project? A professional designer helps you move beyond this mental gridlock.

Create your ideal garden through a 5-step process
Working with a designer, you will have the opportunity to discover your garden needs and dreams and move towards solutions to frustrating problems.

The process goes through five steps: Identifying Needs, Analyzing the Terrain, Evaluating Spatial Solutions, Choosing Plants, and combining choices into a Comprehensive Master Plan. At every stage your preferences and budget determine the outcome.

Elizabeth Navas Finley has been solving garden problems since 1997, working with clients to create gardens that are uniquely theirs, searching out cost-effective solutions and applying decades of practical, hands-on gardening experience to their problems.
Start improving your garden now by e-mailing for your free Garden Needs Planner (or call 415 456-7818). This 10 page booklet helps you focus on the vital functional needs of your garden and your preferences in colors, materials and styles. It’s the first step towards creating the garden you have always dreamed of. Image Here

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